Retail+ is a series of extensions designed to complement Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 for Retail

Retail+ includes new utilities to deliver out-of-the-box key functionality and integration for AX2012 Retail. Developed for AX2012 R2 and expanded to work with AX2012 R3, Retail+ is delivered in both the AX Retail POS front end and the Dynamics AX2012 for Retail back-office. The software is easy to install and upgrade.

Features of Retail+ include:


Specific functionality for Australia and New Zealand includes:

· EFTPOS Integration

· Connection for real time integration between AX and PCEFTPOS ( and certified for Payment Express in NZ (


Gift cards are a $90 billion a year business globally, and an essential revenue stream for your company. Retail+ provides out of the box integration to GIVEX, the market leading Gift Card solution.
Retail+ offers Expansions to AX Retail POS for real-time entry and creation of new loyalty members, back office expansions that allow detailed profile and member spending.
Additional functionality for pricing, discounts and promotions with back office and AX Retail POS. Pricing can be linked to Loyalty membership allowing a full matrix of item, promotion and member status pricing rules.
Expanded processing for Store to Store transfers and Store Receiving, this can reduce the number of POS licenses quite significantly. In one example we reduced the number of Head Office licenses by 50%. Process requires Dynamics Anywhere licensing.
Base set of SSRS reports for store performance in addition to the standard offering provided by Microsoft Dynamics AX R2 for Retail. Installed into the AX Retail Store environment giving real time updates and available at the head office.
Expansion of AX Inventory to allow creation and movement of Ratio Pack Inventory, for example mixed size carton of apparel. Ratio Packs can also be receipted in store using the Store to Store and DC to Store Transfer process as above.
Expansion of Dynamics AX back office to profile stores and plan store replenishment and create Store Transfers. Variables include Store Size, SKU Ranges by Store.

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