Warehouse Management for AX (WAX)

As part of Blue Horseshoe's WMS suite, WAX provides precision engineered workflow for your operations with its advanced ability in capacity planning, cross docking, dock management, dynamic load building, and flow-through operational support.

Incorporating state of the art inventory control, WAX utilises quality management, product slotting algorithms, and advanced allocation and backorder management.

Enable lightning fast order fulfilment with WAX’s advanced cluster picking, order sourcing, global order promising, and material handling integration, which results in accelerated fill rates, facility utilization, order cycle times and inventory turns.

WAX, along with the TRAX solution, will help streamline distribution and warehouse operations, including:

·  Improved Inventory Control

·  Embedded Radio Frequency

·  Improved Inbound & Outbound Warehouse Operations

·  Rate, Route and Load Planning

·  Freight Reconciliation

It has full serial number control, and configurable processes/workflows for any activity including receiving, picking, and shipping.

Benefits include:

-  Advanced Cross Docking

-  Advanced Load Planning

-  Quality Management Integration

-  Container Item Nesting

-  Non-Standard Packing & Storage Dimensions

-  System Directed Cluster Picking

-  Advanced Dock Management

-  Dynamic RF Load Building

-  Wave Planning Metrics

-  Mixed SKU License Plate Locating

-  Retail Flow Through support

For more details on Blue Horseshoe's WMS suite of solutions, visit this page.

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