We only work with the best products available on the global market that deliver the lowest total cost of ownership to our customers

The solutions that Sable has selected are chosen by experienced professionals who have over 100 years combined industry and commercial experience. Sable put every solution through extensive testing to ensure that it meets the highest possible standard before ever being implemented to customers. Three key products wear the Sable assurance of Intelligent Quality Solutions these are outlined below.


Microsoft Dynamics™ AX

The flagship product for Microsoft Dynamics and the fastest growing 2nd tier ERP System in the world, Microsoft Dynamics AX was developed to help mid to large size organisations with employees ranging from 10 to 10,000 seize opportunity and gain a competitive advantage.


Blue Horseshoe – Warehouse Management Solutions

This suite of solutions consists of Warehouse Management, Transport Management, Enterprise Collaboration & Optimisation, as well as Business Intelligence. The suite enables full integration with your existing ERP or WMS.


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Industry requirements for deep functioning PLM solutions continue to grow and Sable have solutions for all business regardless of their ERP system. Sable's industry leading PLM products, OnePlace PLM and ICON AX - PLM, have been developed and supported by specialist PLM developers and consultants.


TARGIT Business Intelligence

This exciting Business Intelligence Tool from Denmark compliments Dynamics AX. Working with all SQL databases, TARGIT offers easy-to-use, graphical interactive reporting enabling viewers to make fast, accurate and informed decisions about their business.


ProductsMicrosoft Dynamics™ AXProduct Lifecycle Management (PLM)TARGIT Decision SuiteBlue HorseshoeWAXTRAXECOBIAS


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