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Sable Systems embraces the Microsoft Dynamcs Surestep Implementation Methodology. This ensures the implementation is completed on time, within budget and to a consistently high quality.

The five step plan has been tailored by Sable to conform to our common sense approach to implementations.  The Methodology is based on years of experience and best practice.  It offers a complete end-to-end package lowering the risk and time to market for delivering consulting services

At Sable we challenge anybody to implement Microsoft Dynamics™ AX faster and to a higher quality.  How can we be confident that we are able to do this?

Using a combination of developed templates and years of experience implementing Microsoft Dynamics™ AX in the Australian / New Zealand marketplace we believe we are able to guarantee this.

With any implementation, it is important that evaluation and planning is carried out prior to the project commencing.  This initial planning stage is considered the most critical stage of the project. To enable a smooth implementation, Sable has a proven business strategy called the Analysis Phase.

The Analysis Phase is the initial process conducted to establish the exact scope and nature of the Microsoft Dynamics™ AX implementation. As a result, a detailed document is produced exploring business objectives, critical success factors through to gap analysis and project time line.  This proven strategy ensures a well managed project. The Sable Analysis Phase is carried out prior to engaging into contractual obligations and allows our customers to proceed with the implementation on an informed basis.

The Surestep Implementation Kit is comprised of models, methodologies, wizards and content which serve to expedite the installation of Dynamics AX.  The kit is designed to lower delivery cost while accelerating project progress and improving system quality and maintainability.


Steps in Evaluate phase

  • Project Initialisation

The purpose is to initiate activities in order to begin implementation of the project.

  • Infrastructure analysis

Analysing the current infrastructure and making an assessment related to the estimated infrastructure requirements.

  • Pre-analysis

Identifying and analysing key business requirements to make an estimate on the full implementation as well as to provide a proof of concept


Steps in Plan Overview

  • Analysis

The Plan phase contains a collection of activities necessary to state in a precise and complete way what business processes the proposed system must support, and what system customisations, interfaces and data conversions are required.

  • Solution Design

The purpose of the Design phase is to obtain detailed descriptions of system modifications as defined in the Functional Requirements Document, future business processes as defined in the gap-fit worksheet, interfaces connecting to the system as defined in the gap-fit worksheet and converted data as defined in the gap-fit worksheet.


Steps in Build Overview

  • Software Design

To create design specifications for customisations, interfaces and data migration.

  • Software Builds and Test

Once the Customer approves the build, it will be implemented into the production system, the Sable Systems development and testing environment is updated with the Build and the process continues until all the builds have been tested.

  • System Test

Ensuring the builds are consistent and of the highest quality possible.


Steps in Deploy Overview

  • Prepare Production System

Prepare all resources, infrastructure, data etc. so the production system can be set up.

  • Acceptance Walkthrough

The acceptance walkthrough marks the end of the project and the Customer’s acceptance of the deliverables.

  • Go Live

Initiate the daily operations using the new system.


Steps in Operate Overview

  • On-going Support

The activities in this phase are related to the maintenance and support of the new system and monitoring the client’s future needs due to growth and business developments.  On a periodic basis we also do a system health check and report back to you on any changes that could be made or procedures that have slipped, this ensures that you are getting maximum value from your investment.


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